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Thomas Melchior/Melchior Productions Ltd
Valentino Kanzyani


You don’t fit at the Christmas table, faking an enthusiastic hug as your aunt bought you wool socks for the 10th year in a row.
You’re not confortable with your girlfriend singing Christmas Carols during a boring romantic dinner, under the Christmas tree lights.

Your place is on the dance floor. Dancing, tripping on the strobe lights, loosing your senses into some hypnotic visuals, syncronizing your electronic Self on the groove.

And what a groove we have prepared for you for the Christmas Eve! A Perlon catalog regular, Thomas Melchior is rewriting the definitions of house & techno for over 25 years with his syncopated deep sounds, smoothly touching the more techno side of electronic music. To add a bit of a more laid back flavour, we have Slovenia’s best export: Valentino Kanzyani, who would bring his signature sound, a perfect balance between extremely danceable grooves and a more minimal approach (the way we like it).

A HAOS Christmas won’t be the same without some Romanian spice: Kozo & Charlie are set to stick your feet on the dance floor for a looong, long time.

And yes, we have a Christmas tree. Feel free to leave some presents under it.

We hit the play button around 10pm. Not really sure about the closing hour.

*new location
*sick lineup
*Christmas tree


1st release: 30 lei: https://www.livetickets.ro/ho-ho-haos-w-valentino-kanzyani-x-thomas-melchior-x-kozo-x-charlie

More info TBA

HO HO HAOS w. Valentino Kanzyani
HO HO HAOS w. Valentino Kanzyani

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Event location

The Ark