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Did anybody miss BlackOut and its sweet dark vibe?
On the 17th of February we will be presenting you the first party from a long series about to happen this lovely year - 2018.
First and foremost, Sonja Moonear will be joining us for this very special night. 
She began her musical life at a small age by studying piano but she shortly decided turntable suits her better, somewhere around 2002. Quickly no doubt, she infiltrated in many projects managing to be tapped by an international agency. She started working with Thomas Franzmann (Zip) and Luciano, acquiring a massive worldwide reputation, playing in almost every corner of the Earth by now.
In the recent period she began releasing her own tracks and remixes at labels such as Karat and Perlon.
She’s a complete artist, unquestionably, who cannot be placed under a fixed category because her sets are the strange reflection of “an enormous wealth of ideas and creativity”.

Full line-up:

Sonja Moonear
Olivian Nour


Presale tickets: 
First release: 30 RON - https://goo.gl/FSnGY3
VIP ticket: 70 RON - https://goo.gl/FSnGY3

Tickets at the door: 50 RON all night long


*For table reservations: +40 752.334.951
*Only 18+ allowed
*Zero tolerance to people under the influence of any kind of drugs
*You are not allowed to leave the club's perimeter between 00:00-02:00, otherwise your bracelet will be taken off and you'll have to re-pay the price of the ticket in order to get in again.
*Please note that the we reserve the right to select our clients!


RA: https://www.residentadvisor.net/club.aspx?id=125216
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blackout.ro/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blackout_romania/

BlackOut w/ Sonja Moonear
BlackOut w/ Sonja Moonear

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