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10 Years Get Physical Music

M.A.N.D.Y. and DJ T. haughtily present “10 Years Get Physical Music” and the “Get Physical Music Club” kick off.

As for their 10th birthday, Get Physical happens to be full with surprises. To begin with, they’ll be opening the doors to the most important point in a label’s success, which is the fans. Get Physical is more than just an ordinary label, it's actually a really large family and because of that, they thought you should be part of it too! You’re invited at Get Physical Music Club, the place where you can get the most exclusive Get Physical content, products and even free guest list access to their events. Plus, you can join for free! Sign up now!

“10 Years Get Physical” is a subjective selection of some of the best cuts from the last decade, plus one or two lost gems. M.A.N.D.Y. and DJ T. took it upon themselves, as label co-founders and good friends, to mix these tracks, each compiling & mixing their own favorites. The stunning result is two distinct mixes, each elegantly complementing the other.

What do you think of these surprises? Well, Get Physical will be printing 1000 CD copies of this very special release, signed by the artists and shipped towards the first 1000 Club members. The only way to put your hands on this CD is to sign up into the Get Physical Music Club.