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3 Smoked Olives 2017 Festival’s complete schedule

3 Smoked Olives, the only electronic music event from Romania held on an island between Bulgaria and Romania, has announced on Facebook the full music schedule.

The schedule shows a list of over 30 important names for the minimal and techno music fans, who will dance on the rythms of Varhat, Herodot, Clovis, Ali Nasser, Suciu, Piticu, Crihan, Voightmann, Ada Kaleh, Sublee, Vlad Dinu, Paul K and many more.

Meanwhile, at the opposite end, the jazz sounds of Petra Acker, Mischa Blanos from Amorf, or Nopame’s funky rythms will encompass the Danube’s island.

The first boat ride to the festival’s area is set Thursday, 27th July, at 12 pm. The access is prohibited to people under 21.


Alongside the diverse music genres, the ones coming to 3 Smoked Olives can try wakeboarding, stand up paddling or night time frisbee. Some longboarders have accepted the Olives’ challenge that ends at the boat ride meeting point.

The staff conveys that there are only 50 online passes available at the price of 150 lei.