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Acid Pauli joins Clown and Sunset

Martin Gretschmann will release his new album mst under the alias of Acid Pauli (for the first time). The album will come out in June this year on Nicolas Jaar’s label, Clown and Sunset.

German producer, member of The Notwist, 13&God and For God Consoul, Martin Gretschmann is also known for his numerous solo outings such as Console and Acid Pauli.
Console began in 1994/1995 as a solo project, later on inviting friends to join his live-sets and since then is known as a band when it comes to playing concerts (even though he writes and produces most part of the music).
He has been producing under the name of Acid Pauli since 2003, mostly techno tracks such as I see A Darkness (2004) -signed by Johnny Cash, BangBang (2005), Eleanor Rugby (2006) and many more.

Acid Pauli first met Nicolas Jaar as the resident of bar25, travelling together afterwards from Munich to Berlin, this year preparing his first album for Clown and Sunset.

A1 Open
A2 A Clone Is a Clone
A3 Palomitastep
A4 Equation of Time
A5 (La Voz) tan Tierna
B1 Requiem for a Loop
B2 Mutron Melody
B3 Eulogy to Eunice
B4 Close