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Altered Natives will soon release Tenement Yard Vol. 3

The saga continues.. Danny Native is preparing his third and final volume of Tenement Yard calling it a “suicide note”.

After several EP’s and two albums released in the past few years, Native leaves his old broken beat style and moves on to uptempo house, mostly techno, which can be heard on Vol. 3. Just like the volumes before, the album will come out digitally on Danny’s own Eye4Eye recordings.

01. Martyn's Friend
02. In My Heart Forever (Stay Dead)
03. London Gods
04. You Used To
05. Be Nice (Like We Should)
06. Natural Freak
07. The Landlord
08. Reanimate
09. The Calling
10. The Kiss
11. Allwhere
12. Just Friends
13. Bad New Tenant
14. Bhuuumbahcleeeeet
15. Future Drop
16. You Cut Me (Out Of My Life) feat. Lizzy B

Tenement Yard Volume 3 will be available October 3rd, 2012 via Eye4Eye Recordings.