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Andy Cato drops Times & Places

Andy Cato is best known as half of the house group Groove Armada, as well as an independent producer under various aliases.

He has recently announced in an online statement, the release of his first album, called "Times & Places", which is a collection of unreleased tracks from his solo career that go back 20 years. The 18 tracks of the album are a journal of his life on the road, and were recorded "tour buses, in airport lounges and beyond".

“I was travelling back from a gig recently and I had an idea for a tune . I was just jotting it down and I thought, ‘I’ve been doing this for ages, I wonder where all the others are?’ So I went to find the remaining fragments and try and put them together. Everyone of these songs immediately takes me back to a place and a time where it all happened.” Andy Cato.

The making of this album actually consisted in the gathering of the old tracks from corrupted disks, or floppys and restoring them, although there are also 100% unaltered tracks as well.

The album will be released on R&S sub label Apollo, on the 29th of April and it will be accompanied by a video and photographic exhibition that will be displayed at the London Book Club from the 25th April until June.

01. Intro (Remnants Of Track 17, Take 1)
02. South Of Mexico City
03. Abbey Road Jam
04. The Coastal Path
05. Florence To Rome
06. Sunrise Sant Agnes
07. Moscow To St Petersburg By Train
08. Together Is The Word
09. Lake Of Stars
10. 8 Track Jam At Marks
11. Rainfalls (Toulouse)
12. Back from Castlemorton
13. Palmero By Night
14. Woodstock
15. Whose Groove?
16. Rear Window
17. North From Montparnasse
18. 7am Drop