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Anthony Middleton pres. Insomniac Nights EP

Anthony Middleton, who some might know as one half of Audiofly, is back on Get Physical Music with a brand new EP titled Insomniac Nights.

The mini album begins with ‘Till The End Of...’, a trendy number in the style Anthony is known for, relaxed, raw and heavy. He combines vocal samples as he plays with the bassline, gaining a brilliant atmosphere fit for either deep summer nights or fresh winter mornings.

Secondly, Anthony taps Just Be for his take on the matter, who then replies with an up-tempo version. Adding various elements to the soundscape, raising the tension and darkening the mood, Just Be’s mix breathes a new air into the original.

‘Things Don’t Change People Do’ is a smooth blend of percussion and warm chords, producing a relaxed mood to swing your hips. The track plays just over the 11 minute mark, giving you time to get into the mood and unleash your dancing spirit.

The last drop on the EP is ‘Things Don’t Change, People Do Too’, a variant of the previous track, though adding a bit more energy to the floor with its spacey synth lines and careful use of reverb on the percussion. Pads rise and fall, with a dynamic flow to the track that keeps it interesting all the way.

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(Release date: 28/01/2013)