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Avicii responds to GQ article

Here's the thing: GQ Magazine published in its latest issue an article about Swedish DJ Avicii in which he is portrayed as a fake product who only modifies the volume when he performs and who plays pre planned sets, because "the reading the crowd is a thing of the past". The article also mentions, the exuberant and promiscuous life style of a top DJ, and some thoughts about the crowd that attend his events, profiling them as increasingly desperate, promiscuous drug addicts.

It seems like the article troubled the Swedish producer and DJ a great deal, since he hot online and posted a response to the GQ article on his Facebook page, saying that he would never cheat his fans by playing a premixed CD, and that the journalist that wrote the article has nothing to do with electronic music, contradicts herself, and that she twisted the truth and "failed miserably". He also talks on behalf of his fans saying that he sees his crowd "loving and positive".

All in all, it seems like Electronic Dance Music and fashion & entertainment magazines have a long way to go until they will reach the same page. For now, the description made by GQ magazine has an impact on all EDM gender crowds and has as heated things up a bit as it did not remain unanswered.

Read full Avicii response here.