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Balance presents jozif

UK’s up and coming talent jozif readies his first mix compilation in a brand new series for Balance Music

The Australian label has released 22 double-disc mixes until now, having the likes of Deetron, James Holden and Funk D'Void contribute to some of the volumes over the past years. This new single-disc mix series is supposed to cast “the spotlight on the emerging talents that are shaping the future of the scene”.

“Initially for my Balancemix, I really wanted to do a clubby mix. A lot of people will know me only from my productions which I don’t really tend to play in the clubs as I tend to play a lot more up” says jozif, “so I wanted to do something that represented what I do on the weekends.. I did the first version and we started to get the records cleared”

The compilation features sides from Lake Powell, Silicone Soul, Steffi, Glimpse & Martin Dawson and indubitably, jozif himself.

01. Charles Webster – Butterfly
02. Glimpse & Martin Dawson – Our Friends Electric
03. Burnin’ Tears – Got a Reason
04. Lake Powell – More or Less
05. Yoko0 – Blinded (Yoko0's Walking To The Light Edit)
06. Steffi – Sadness (Vinyl Version)
07. Silicone Soul – One Thing
08. Burnin’ Tears – How I Feel
09. Ian Pooley – Compurhythm
10. Sam Wallace – Echelon
11. jozif – BT’s 3
12. jozif – BT’s 5
13. Rob Shields – Slum Room

Glimpse & Martin Dawson - Our Friends