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Best of Monkeytown records 2012 mixed by eLan

Following last year’s edition mixed by Lazer Sword, this year eLan is in the mix 44 minutes stitching tracks from the likes of Siriusmo, Bambounou, Phon.o, Lazer Sword and Anstam.

Also included in the collection is a track from eLan’s own portfolio, Piecat Patty and two tracks from WOW, Monkeytown’s upcoming LP from the German duo Mouse on Mars

eLan, also known as Elan Stouffer began making music at the age of 16, besides being a member of the WEDIDIT collective, he’s also in the middle of releasing a trilogy of EPs through Monkeytown Records.

01. Lazer Sword - Toldyall
02. Mouse on Mars - HYM
03. Bambounou - Pixel
04. Mouse on Mars - PUN
05. Lazer Sword - Better From U
06. Phon.o - Fukushima
07. Mouse on Mars - imatch
08. Siriusmo Doctor - Beak
09. eLan - Piecat Patty
10. Anstam - Observing The Patterns

Best Of Monkeytown Records 2012 will be available digitally on September 28th, 2012.