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Boot Slap find "Dancing Shadows"

The Berlin-based duo of Christian Witt and Takis reveal Dancing Shadows EP, out now via Mangali Music.

The two-track EP opens up with ‘Show Patience’, a body shaking beat driven by a drumming bassline, adding a heavy groove generated a sweaty vibe. The percussion track continues to build as Boot Slap showcases Takis’ vocal sample before dropping the bass bomb. This peak-time-tempo-setter is rolling and won’t stop, a must-have for all deep sets.

Next, the title track brings in fresh House influence, lending a hand to a brighter percussion and thicker, more pugnacious bass lines. The piece works on tension and creates a kind of pressure before blending in the chords with everything, turning into a true gem.

Available now on Beatport (Release date: 29/01/2013)