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Container prepares new LP

Nashville's Ren Schofield, aka Container will release another album for Spectrum Spools on November 26th.

Most of you perhaps know Ren Schofield for his God Willing project, a confusing maze of crude oscillator, tape and guitar. In the early months of 2009 Schofield began a new experiment, naming himself Container; swimming into the darkened acid techno of Richie Hawtin circa 1992 when he used to play as F.U.S.E.

This new LP does not differ that much from his previous one, both are made up of five tracks, both are simply titled LP and they are both released via Spectrum Spools (manufactured by Editions Mego). The album was fully recorded over this past Labour Day weekend in Providence, RI (Ren's new home since he moved from Nashville)

According to a press release, the LP is "recorded in mono and it cuts right down the middle of your skull"

01. Dripping
02. Paralyzed
03. Acclimator
04. Perforate
05. Refract