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Derrick Carter runs the House Masters

The next session of House Masters is mixed by Chicagos favorite Derrick Carter and will be released November 12th on Defected Records.

House Masters Derrick Carter is a 2cd compilation that includes over 15 previously unreleased tracks. The first disc features 10 original productions by Carter himself, as the second one lists a bunch of remixes from the likes of SoCalled, Freaks, Truman Industries and a few others. Carter has chosen all items carefully, paying most attention to songs that embrace his trademark style, rather than old classics. This is what he says in a report: "Choosing the material for this compilation was an experience for sure... I rediscovered some gems, ran into a few old friends, and had a blast"

Derrick Carter is well-known for his Classic Recordings label which he used to run untill its hundredth release (as planned 10 yrs before). Also, he is regarded by some as one of the top dj/producers in the world.

CD1: DC Originals
01. Sound Patrol - Tripping Among The Stars (Trippin' At The Kat)
02. Rednail feat. Noni - Never (Never In A Rubber Room)
03. DJ Bang - DJ Bang Make You Jiu-Jitsu (Technical)
04. DJ Bang - Hallelujah (DC Private Edit)
05. The Innocent - Theme From The Blue Cucaracha (DC Private Edit)
06. Derrick L. Carter - A Hope (Over You) (Meeting House Dub Edit)
07. Derrick L. Carter - Squaredancin (Jazzz Extension)
08. Derrick L. Carter - Where U At? (The First Mix)
09. DJ Bang - The B.E.A.T. (DC Private Edit)
10. Oneiro - The Warrior (6BC Version)

CD2: DC Remixes
01. SoCalled - (These Are The) Good Old Days (DC's BHQ Remake)
02. Freaks - Telefunky (B.H.Q. Low Mainetnance Reversion)
03. Truman Industries - Love Plus (Derrick Carter's ‘Love Groove’ Mix)
04. Freaks - Boiling Point (BHQ Private Stock)
05. Angry Mexican DJ's - I Like It Funky (Derrick Carter's B.H.Q Re-Rub)
06. Pty Ltd - Who's Been Watching You? (DC Native Dub)
07. Rosie Brown - Bliss (D’s Boom Bap Bleep Edition)
08. SoCalled - Richi (DC's Full Phat Edition)
09. This Ain't Chicago - Ride The Rhythm (Derrick Carter Mix)
10. Jorge Watts - Up To The Sky (DC Chi Hi Mix)