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Dubstep Allstars Vol. 10 mixed by Plastician

Chris Reed, better known as Plastician has been called upon to mix Dubstep Allstars Vol. 10.

Tempa’s compilation series began in 2004 and has seen some of the genre’s biggest names, such as Hatcha, Distance and Kode9. His 10th edition is mixed by Plastician, a grime and dubstep DJ/producer from London, who played an important part in the popularity of the genre through his participation in the Rephlex Grime compilations, his primetime pirate radio shows and his recent BBC Radio 1 Residency slot. Plastician has released records on imprints like Rephlex Records, Soulja, ROAD, Slimzos, A.R.M.Y. and Southside Dubstars.

Dubstep Allstars Vol. 10 is Plastician's first commercial mix since his 2008 Rinse CD. The compilation is described by Chris as a largely "traditional" affair, explaining that "dubstep means so many different things now... it’s as close to a pure dubstep mix as I could be, without doing an old-school mix."

Dubstep Allstars Vol. 10 showcases some of modern day dubstep's biggest players, like J:Kenzo and Commodo, as well as lesser-known names like Korea, Stinkahbell and Nomine. The mix will be released January 28th via Tempa records.

01. Cato feat. Doctor - Brap (Plastician VIP)
02. Nomine - Waves
03. Jaydrop - Blind Run
04. J:Kenzo - Contagion
05. Vicious Circle - Not Afraid
06. FNC - Prism
07. Commodo - Axis
08. LAXX & Walsh - LA Drift
09. Jaydrop - That’s How It Is
10. Kumarachi - Voyager
11. Merky Ace - Greaze (Pote’s Smash N Grab Remix)
12. Megalodon & Badklaat - Twisted Metal
13. J:Kenzo - Depth Charge
14. Moony - Close Enough
15. Mutated Mindz - Valentine Dreams
16. Stinkahbell - Sunday Worries
17. Dream - Desolate
18. J:Kenzo feat. Footsie - No Man’s Land
19. Korea - Submarine
20. Plastician - Alone Time
21. Teknian – Sorga

J:Kenzo - Depth Charge