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EDM Craze Movie by 20th Century Fox

This is major news! The electronic dance music scene is officially reaching global multimedia peaks. The popularity of the phenomenon is higher than ever, with exclusive EDM scene awards announced recently and now the announcement that 20th Century Fox has purchased the rights for a movie that will depict the electronic dance music craze. 

The movie will be produced by Diplo and his partner Kevin Kusatsu and the plot is rumored to be about three teenagers that are trying to get into a an electronic music festival hosted by Diplo.

Deadline Hollywood says that the movie is going to be a "8 Mile meets Project X" and Kusatsu describes it as “Eminem and Christopher Walken at a Manchester rave”.

The screenplay is to be written by Adam Weinstock and Andy Jones, who’ve been involved in movies like “Avatar” and “Final Fantasy: Spirits within”

We are looking forward to hear more about this project and for an  official confirmation from 20 Century Fox about the production.