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Enei makes "Machines"

Alexey Egorchenkov, better known as Enei finally put together his debut album Machines, due for release November 12th on Critical Music.

The Russian dnb music producer has been making a lot of noise since he signed his official release on the the Dutch Label, Fokuz. He is also renowned for his records on Critical Music in 2010, like One Chance, Cracker, and the heavily acclaimed Stone Head EP, which label head Kasra says to be "a formidable mixture of rolling drums, floor shaking bass and attitude".

Enei's first full-length is hooked with 11 unreleased tracks mostly at Drum & Bass tempo. The album also features vocal apperances from the likes of DRS, Georgia and collaborations with Kemo.

01. Machines
02. The Moment feat. DRS
03. 2012 feat. Eastcolors
04. Runnin feat. Gerogia Yates
05. Centrifuge
06. Elephants
07. I Don't Know
08. Saligia feat. Kemo
09. Thin Line
10. Cracker VIP feat. Eastcolors and Noel
11. Trainchaser