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False Image release "Wild Kingdom" EP

The Canadian artist Noah Pred and Berlin-based Tom Clark team up on Get Physical for their latest venture: False Image. The outfit dropped an amazing EP, Wild Kingdom, sure to shake up dancefloors all around.

‘Ocelot’ comes close to a funky array of sounds, used to convey the groove, all spilt over a very attractive rhythm. The bassline pumps the track up and down as a sine & LFO take their turn catching the spotlight and adding depth. The track has a sweaty feel to it, like the damp dark club floors it calls home.

False Image - ocelot original mix

The B side, ‘Anteater’ is a bass groove with an almost jazz inspired percussion on top. The boys show their intentions with almost sporadic synthwork, creating a tense energy. The mixing is masterfully done, a sign that False Image are on the right track

False Image - anteater original mix