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Fergie unleashes Pitbull on "Feel Alive"

Stacy Fergie Ferguson and Miami rapper Pitbull prepare a new club smash! “Feel Alive” is featured on the soundtrack to this summer's 3D dance movie, “Step Up Revolution”

While Fergie’s loud vocals dominate the chorus singing “Wake me up in the morning/ Slow me down in the evening/ Give me whatever you want to make me feel alive”, Pitbull slides in sneaky, paying tribute to The Black Eyed Peas track “Boom Boom Pow” by spilling out Fergie’s lines “I’m so 3000 and great/ They so 2000 and hate/ They want me to fall and fail/ H-h-hurry up and wait”. The track also features DJ Poet, who bumps up the beat with a dirty sound. 

Listen to Fergie feat Pitbull & DJ Poet - Feel Alive

As for her first headlining track released since her last solo album “The Dutchess” (2006), Fergie announces that she has other plans in the future apart from singing. She tells MTV in a report: “I’m more focusing on my other things, like my shoe line, I’m designing for that. I’m really getting to work from home, and I’m loving it”. Although not quite keen on performing any longer, Fergie mentions that she’s still caught up in the music: “I’m always writing, but there’s no current plans for a solo record or a Black Eyed Peas record. I was on tour for eight years. My brain’s not really there right now”

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