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Fritz Kalkbrenner hits Kristal on January 19th

Funky Business proudly introduce Fritz Kalkbrenner at Kristal Glam Club on January 19th. The event is part of a series, promoting his latest album “Sick Travellin”.

Sick Travelling World Tour 2013 will begin next month in Varsovia, then Bucharest, Paris, London, Lille, Shanghai, Prague, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin, Singapore and many others.

Two years after his extraordinary album debut “Here Today, Gone Tomorrow”, Fritz made the next big step in his career with his second full-length “Sick Travellin”, released on the Berlin-based label SUOL. Hooked with thirteen tracks, the album features live instruments and variety of vocals, signed by some of the best artists in the world.

Few may know that Fritz is also a talented singer, besides his remarkable mixing skills. Now of course, you’ve all heard “Sky and Sand”, a wonderful track by the two brothers Paul & Fritz Kalkbrenner, well.. that's Fritz singing there. Some of the tracks on his latest LP also feature his own vocals, like “Get a Life”, “Little by Little”, “No Piece of Mind”, and last but not least his cover for “Willing”.

This upcoming event is surely going to blow off the roof! Negru, Gully and Kristal Club resident Mahony are also invited behind the decks!

Fritz Kalkbrenner LIVE @FLY BerMuDa Festival