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Gary Barlow together with Andrew Lloyd Webber on Take That new record

Take That frontman Gary Barlow teams up with legendary composer Andrew Lloyd Webber for their new album.

Last month they threw off an incredible performance at Britain's Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee and decided to collaborate more often in the future.

Lloyd Webber told The Sun:

"I am writing with Gary Barlow again. ''I've come up with the tune this time and he's already emailed me with lyrics this morning. It hasn’t got a title yet.''

''Gary's going to be down in Majorca this summer and so will I, so we'll get together and something will come out of it.''

BBC News reports that The Jubilee concert has now attracted more than one million ticket applications.

Barlow and Webber reveal they will continue to write together on holiday in Spain this summer. Andrew also believes their songs will be on Take That's new record.

What do you think about the bunch up?