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H2 release new EP "Chase The Sun"

Danny and Tez are back with another terrific EP titled “Chase The Sun”, released on Get Physical Music.

The title track takes us on a deep groovy ride, filled with uplifting vocals covered by ambient pads. A perfect deep night track, a sound you’ll definitely want to throw on your set!

“Frustration” then begins with a heavy tech house sound. The use of rhythmic synth and vocal cuts is what gives this track its vibe, not to mention the heavy kick.

We start to get funky when we listen to the third track “Demo Tape”, with its cold synths producing a chilling atmosphere.

Last but not least, 'Know It's Real' takes the bass for a ride, and holds the beat down. An infectious tune, and a great conclusion to the EP.

1. Chase The Sun
2. Frustration
3. Demo Tape
4. Know It’s Real

H2 - Demo Tape - Original Mix