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Ion Ludwig calls himself Tone Bardo Therapy

The Dutch DJ and producer Ion Ludwig prepares his forthcoming album under a new moniker, that of Tone Bardo Therapy.

Ludwig's next full-length is titled "Mirrors In Front Of Me" and will be released in December, on the new label HENK records. Tone Bardo Therapy brings guitars, vocals, broken slowmotion and indie-pop-vibes.

Most of his productions are used in branding, advertising, as well as tv serials and movies. He marked this start last year with his music used for the short Dutch film "Pottenkijkers".

01. Eastern Liga Lights
02. Paramita Sutra Chant
03. In the Year
04. Music for the Dying
05. Breath Limitation
06. Tone Bardo Therapist
07. Mirrors Placed in Front of Me
08. Sound & Effects feat. Louis Bordeaux
09. Interrelational Herbspace Retrospec. Famine