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James Ferraro cooks "Sushi"

California-based DJ and producer, James Ferraro will release his new album Sushi on November 7th via Hippos In Tanks.

James Ferarro is one half of The Skaters, one half of Lamborghini Crystal and one of modern day underground's favourite players. An experimental musician from Rochester NY, now living in Venice Beach, California, he draws influence from various places but is best categorized by the quote "I am Flintstones".

Following up Far Side Virtual, Ferraro's Sushi was originally titled Rainstick Fizz Plus (according to Tiny Mix Tapes), later rumours said that the album would be called Shoop2DaDoop and released under the name New Age Playboy, but in the end James chose a simpler title for the official release and uses his real name.

01. Powder
02. Jumpshot Earth
03. Flamboyant
04. Playin Ya Self
05. Baby Mitsubishi
06. Lovesick
07. E 7
08. Jet Skis & Sushi
09. SO N2U
10. Condom
11. Booty Call