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Jeff Mills releases The Jungle Planet

Detroit techno frontman and veteran Jeff Mills has announced details of his next album due for release this September. The Jungle Planet will be out on Axis Records, Mills' own imprint, and it is part of the Sleepers Wakes, which is one of the American producer's most ambitious and forward thinking projects; Sleepers Wakes is about the sound of tomorrow.

The album will hold 13 tracks and it will also benefit from a special presentation. It will be released on standard double 12-inch vinyl version, with surreal cover art from French artist Julien Pacaud and and as a "black USB cube."

01. Descending - Micro Terra
02. The World Of Worlds
03. Black Box Colony
04. Translucent Plants
05. Rainbow Clusters
06. Four Hour Days
07. When Night Fell
08. Approaching Magnesium Towers
09. Human Dream Collectors
10. Mutations
11. Truth To The Chosen One
12. Dream Mechanics
13. A Truth Revealed

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Words Loredana Stroe