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Just Be comes "After The Storm"

Matthew B returns under a new alias, Just Be, to release his first full solo EP After The Storm on Get Physical Music.

The title track After The Storm is a hefty chunk of peak-time tech house, expertly filled with layer upon layer of tightly wound percussion which build to a crescendo accompanied by piano chords and exotic vocal samples. It’s a restrained beast that comes into its own towards the end as it strips back, diffusing the tension built up throughout the first seven minutes or so.

Secondly, the Deep Mix of After The Storm grabs the original and submerges it in a sea of warm sub bass and quirky percussive sounds, really giving the track a fresh twist. Sometimes when two versions of the same track are included in an EP it can seem like they’re being used as filler, but not in this case.

Rounding off the EP is Out Of The System, which jets along without any of the warmth of After The Storm, but instead bustles with bouncing drums and a wandering bassline. Add to that a hypnotic melody and a downright epic breakdown and you’ve got another dancefloor bomb on your hands.

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