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KARNIVALE | The Roman Arenas - September 7

WeDance presents KARNIVALE! An event featuring live acts from Reboot, Butch, Onur Ozer, Sis, Andrey Pushkarev and Mano at The Roman Arenas in Bucharest, September 7th

There will be fireworks, fakirs, clowns and all sorts of carnival attractions filling the atmosphere, while the music is played by remarkable artists. The organizers single request is that party people should come adequately dressed (T-shirt + pants + shoes).

The event will begin Friday September 7th at 22:00 and winds up Saturday morning at 7:30, followed by an after-party till late afternoon as usual.

Tickets can be purchased from Ollie Gang Shop starting from August 27
For reservations: +40 733 800 884 (Radu)