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Low Limit wraps up new compilation - Ouroboros

The Lazer Sword half, Low Limit tied up a ten-track compilation featuring tracks from Machinedrum, Clicks & Whistles, Obey City and more. Ouroboros will be released November 27th via Innovative Leisure Records.

Low Limit, aka Bryan Rutledge has been performing for over ten years now, his unique sound is manifested through his live sets that bring together different sounds including rap, juke, 2-step, grime, ghettotech, glitch, found sounds and happy mistakes. Bryan is the more experimental side of the LA/Berlin duo Lazer Sword, fiddling bass beats and cutting up dubstep into an anarchy of sound. His new compilation also features his first solo production since 2010, titled Uppercut.

01. Background Sound – Speak Easy
02. Ghosts On Tape – Sex Chat
03. HxdB & Self Evident – Cloud Turtle
04. Machinedrum – Whatnot
05. Braille – En Route
06. Clicks & Whistles – Tomorrowland
07. Sweatson Klank – You & The Sky
08. Obey City – Nightmare Cafe
09. Anenon – Gelatin Silver (Flutters)
10. Low Limit – Uppercut