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Map.ache readies debut album: Ulfo

Jan Barich, better known as Map.ache prepares his debut album, Ulfo, due for release December 3rd via Kann Records.

Ulfo is described by the label as "a selection driven by determined chords carrying tears of optimism". Built with 10 tracks "as shelter for hope, decorated with the shadow of a white rose in a mirror of silver".

Barich is the one of the founders of Kann Records, along with Alexander Neuschulz and Dennis Knoof. The label is defined by modern dance music, but with an individual approach to the music, as the label owners all have diverse musical origins, Kann plans to combine thier unique styles to a common ground.

01. Can Be So Plain
02. Diario
03. Sunshine Violence
04. A Two Piece Puzzle
05. Uralub
06. The Only Island
07. Restless Relax
08. Big City Obsession
09. Presents Dj Mapi
10. Bleeding Conspiracy Theory Jerks