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New andhim release:The Wizard of Us

The German based duo andhim have been out on the electronic music scene scene since 2010, and haven't come down since.

Simon and Tobias' passion for music and talent are undeniable and in a few short years they have produced "super house" and taken the stage around the world.

Now they have come to release their new EP on one of their favorite labels: Get Physical. The EP is called "The Wizzard of Us" and it has 2 tracks: "The Wizzard of Us" and deep house track "Hausch" and it is available to purchase on Beatport and Get Physical.

The Wizzard of Us is a tech house mixture of sweetness and strong sexy vibes that compel your feet to dance and your ears to listen while Hausch is softer and lighter track, without lacking individuality and also signature andhim song.