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Nicolas Jaar starts Other People

Word has it that Nicolas Jaar is about to start a new project and not just any project but a new label. The much appreciated American based producer and DJ, already has a label, Clown & Sunset, started in 2009, which will now leave place for his new Other People imprint.
It seams like it's out with the old and in with the new for Nico Jaar this year, although this only appears to be a matter of rebranding and a new ideology, judging by the information we have so far.
According to RA, the first announced project is a various artists compilation entitled Trust, which will feature most of the regular producers from Clown & Sunset, like Acid Pauli, Valentin Strip; Will Epstein and Dave Clarkson, two of Jaar's live band members and of course Nico himself as well as some new artists. The 13 track compilation will be released on September 2nd 2013 and will be available both on CD and vinyl.

As far as ideology goes, Jaar stated that Other People is going to be a "serial label" that will "deliver new content each week", so we just have to wait and see what September brings.

Trust Tracklist
01. Will Epstein - Trust I
02. Nikita Quasim - The Way I Felt Today
03. My Girl & Me - Always Back To You
04. Quentin Pistol - Qè
05. David Terranova - Kinq
06. High Water - Railroad Song
07. Benjha - Gravity
08. Acid Pauli - The Gap And The Grip
09. Triangleline - Chronon And Echo
10. Valentin Stip - Temple
11. Nicolas Jaar - Break My Love
12. Dave Harrington Remix Feat. Tamara - Why Didn’t You Save Me
13. Will Epstein - Trust II

Words: Loredana Stroe