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Nicolas Jaar & The Prism

Clown and Sunset’s new compilation, Don’t Break My Love is housed in a small aluminum cube and contains twelve unreleased tracks signed by artists such as Acidi Pauli, Nikita Quasim, Just Friends and Nico himself.

The Prism has four buttons (play, stop/on/off, volume), two headphone slots and a USB cable for charging the device.

01. Brandon Wolcott & Emil Abramyan - YouAndTheSpace Between
02. Pavla & Noura - Siblings Music
03. Nikita Quasim - GHOST
04. Nicolas Jaar - Why Didn't You Save Me
05. Pavla & Noura - Don’t Owe Me a Thing
06. Just Friends - Avalanche
07. Acid Pauli - Palomitastep
08. Nicolas Jaar & Will Epstein - Never Have I Ever
09. Vtgnike - Untitled Juke
10. Nicolas Jaar, Will Epstein, Dave Harrington, Ian Sims - Ishmael
11. Valentin Stip - Hiathaikm
12. Nicolas Jaar - Don't Break My Love