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R.I.P. Martin Dawson

News leaked yesterday November 12th, that the English DJ and producer had awefully passed away.

Martin Dawson, also known as King Roc and one-half of Two Armadillos, died in the hospital after complications caused from an aneurysm he suffered earlier this month. The world of house music is in a stand of awe and sorrow as the "Hawk" leaves the skies forever..

In the music business for around ten years, Martin received global attention with the release of his debut album Chapters (2009) under his alias King Roc. Later on in 2010 he changes back to his real name, crafting deep house masterpiece Sunday Smoking (from his last full-length with the same title in 2011). He's been signing records onto well-known labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Leftroom, Hypercolour, Bedrock and worked with some of the best producers in the edm scene.

His friend and production partner, the other half of Two Armadillos, Giles Smith says in a testimony offered in memory of him:

"I have lost a great friend. We met casually at secretsundaze years ago but that memory is hazy. Our friendship was cemented whilst he worked in Phonica and we decided to work together. From the first studio sessions in 2006 it was clear that we had a strong chemistry that was of course rooted in music but most of all eminated from the fact that we got on so well, laughed so much together, were both extremely open people (we told each other pretty much everything) and both shared a love of cakes and beer (not at the same time i hasten to add!)."

Martin Dawson - What The Fuck - Get Physical found onTech house