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Ripperton unveils A Little Part of Shade

Swiss producer Raphael Ripperton is ready to release his second LP "A Little Part of Shade" this June. This will follow his first album Niwa, which was very well received by both fans and critics in 2010.
After Niwa, Ripperton has released on Border Community, Green, Liebe Detail, Music Man and remixed for Laurent Garnier, Ellen Allien and Max Cooper. and affirmed himself as respected studio producer.
The thirteen tracks on "A Little Part Of Shade" reflect Ripperton's love and approach towards production and music in general.
When asked about the album, Ripperton said:
‘A Little Part Of Shade’ is about the part of shade that everyone has. It’s about the private garden; it’s quite the opposite of Niwa. It’s an inside garden. It can be bright or dark or in the middle. It can destroy or help you…"

"A Little Part Of Shade" will be out on June 24th on Joris Voorn and Edwin Oosterwal's Amsterdam based label, Green.

01. A Little Part Of Shade feat. Germain Umdenstock
02. I Don't Know feat. Hemlock Smith
03. No More Airplanes
04. She Holds My Hand feat. Andy Ernst
05. Tape Hiss feat. Hemlock Smith
06. Minor Interlude
07. City Lights feat. Van Hai
08. Black Wall feat. Masaya
09. Everytime feat. Hemlock Smith
10. Tales Of Sand
11. Chaos Calme feat. Van Hai
12. For All The Wrong Reasons
13. Spike feat. Hemlock Smith

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