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Silence Please! says Vidis

Lithuanian DJ and producer Vidis makes debut on Get Physical with Silence Please! - a compilation of sort, but not like the rest you've seen.

With a hard reputation and strong influence in the world’s club music scene, Vidis and his partner Mario are constantly releasing tracks and remixes, creating their own signature as they keep pushing boundaries higher and higher.

"It's not just another compilation representing some hot tracks of now or a collection of tried and tested hooks and melodies, it's a document and a statement in some respects - the first proper representation of emerging sound and the scene from the unlikely territory. There were a few more names I wanted to represent and a few more tracks I wanted to include but they wouldn't fit genre, mood or tempo wise. I like eclectic selections, but this time I wanted it to be a proper House mix with constant flow and integrity. Also something close to a real DJ set of mine."

Purchase on Beatport (released 08.03.2013)