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Stefano Ritteri presents "Nice Up Your Dance" Ep

Formerly known as Solo, the British DJ and producer has just dropped another exciting Ep titled Nice Up Your Dance. The mini-album was released last week via Pets Recordings.

Thrilled by the idea of releasing a body of work unde his real name, Stefano Ritteri's latest production has already been snapped up by Defected and Saved. The new three track ep takes on the more exuberant edges of house music, inviting UK mainstays Jaymo and Andy George to remix some of the tracks.

Nice Up Your Dance begins with a guitar riff, adding in whimsical vocals and relentless party claps, a staple of Ritteris club focused creations. Let Us Pray steps up with a punchy bassline, which leads the way for the wistful melody line and pitch shifted vocal. Jaymo and Andy George take things a bit further and give Let Us Pray a thick and sultry rework.

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