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Stimming signs new album

It seems like 2013 is going to be a busy year for german label Diynamic.

Besides the brand’s hit parties Neon Nights and the The Diynamic Festival coming up in May, the brand’s artists are planning one release after another. The much anticipated debut album by David August, Times will have the release party on the 6th of April in Watergate Club in Berlin and another album has been announced.

Hamburg based, Martin Stimming, one of the label’s headliners, will release his third album on Diynamic at the beginning of June. His collaboration with Diynamic includes his first two albums Reflections 2009, and Liqourice in 2011 and his appearances on ten of the label’s EPs .

Stimming is known to be a very complex artist; he has confessed on many occasions that he translates his emotions in his music and this time the inspiration for his album came “on the beaches of the Baltic Sea, during a five-week retreat from reality" in winter 2012. We are looking forward to listening to the german producer’s new album and its release on the 3rd of May.

Here’s a track list for you:

01. The Origin
02. Third of June
03. Ferdinand feat. Urzula Amen
04. Cherry Bud
05. Die Taube auf dem Dach
06. From One Cell feat. Urzula Amen
07. Die Mächtigen
08. Dylan´s Theme
09. When I´m Drunk
10. Cherry Blossom
11. Uberblick
12. Feeding Seagulls