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The Digital Kid is back!

Luke Solomon adopts his old moniker The Digital Kid for a new album titled A Minor Digital Experiment, due out next month on Classic.

Hailed as 'one of British house music's unsung heroes' Luke Solomon first came out as The Digital Kid on a series of records in the late '90s and early '00s, this time he's appointing himself as The Digital Kid versus The World. According to a report he says "I did this album because there were a few people I wanted to collaborate with so we got to work on some tracks. As well as these, I had some tracks of my own and they all started to remind me of the first Digital Kid LP I recorded in the mid ‘90s ...It seemed a good time to revisit, bookend and close the book on The Digital Kid."

A Minor Digital Experiment is hooked with 11 previously unreleased tracks, featuring guest appearances from the likes of Lil Mark, Pezzner and Bearweasel, as well as a 29min bonus mix by Solomon. The album will be released on The Classic Music Company - Solomon and Derrick Carter's recently restored label - November 26th

01. Human Bean
03. Minority Report feat. Lil Mark
04. Shooting Star feat. Pezzner
05. Pass The Toothpaste
06. The Decepticons Are Coming feat. Bearweasel
07. I'm Not The One with Purple Hair
08. Ahhhrgh
09. Total Control
10. Angels Looking Down On Me
11. All The Love You Gave To Me, Don't Take It Away
12. Minor Extended Experiment' (Bonus Mix)