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The rise of Die Antwoord

After entering the Ninja, South African rappers Die Antwoord continue 'disturbing' their fans with a second album entitled Ten$ion, released in February. The rap-trio left Interscope Records and refused going on tour with Lady Gaga, lead singer Ninja tells MTV "I think they thought we were just like a weird, strange act, then like 'Let's just let them have their fun for a while, and then when it comes to their second album we'll have them play games' ... "They were looking at Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas and that type of shitty pop music, and were thinking we could like twist into that."
The futuristic rap-rave crew also stated that they have nothing against pop music "We like making pop music, but we like making hardcore music at the same time, mixing them, but they've got, like, soul. It's not like weak, superficial shit. You know?"

In their second album, they stick to their own self-styled acts and aggressive lyrics, especially with "I Fink U Freeky", one of the most disturbing videos of the year (play it HERE). The song said to cause the split between them and Interscope is "Fok Julle Naaiers" which literally means "Fuck you all". “Dropped them like a sack of bricks tied to my leg,” raps Ninja, to self-release the album instead of toning down the content.
Die Antwoord (the answer) play what they call Zef, which is "You’re poor but you’re fancy. You’re poor but you’re sexy, you’ve got style", says the group’s frontwoman Yolandi Visser.

Ninja, Yo-Landi Vi$$er and DJ Hi-Tek are in line for the Lollapalooza festival this year among The Weeknd, Jack White, Sigur Rós, At the Drive-In, Justice, M83, Twin Shadow, Black Sabbath, the Afghan Whigs, Frank Ocean, the Walkmen, The Shins, Neon Indian, Passion Pit and the usual slew more.