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Thomas Köner's Novaya Zemlya on Touch Music

While studying electronic music at the CEM-Studio in Arnhem, Köner began thorough sound research in the studio, emerging as a producer who’s main game is combining both audio and visual experiences. The BBC, in a review of Köner's work in 1997, calls him a "media artist".
The german artist decides to avoid rhythm and melody and focus more on the phenomenon of sound colour, later on composing film soundtracks and electronic music. The Centre Georges Pompidou commissioned him the sound work for an installation with filmmaker Yann Beauvais.
Another offbeat sound design is introduced in today’s club culture which Köner sees as an ideal milieu for intensive and physical listening. He became an acclaimed producer of progressive techno as Porter Ricks (a production duo with Andy Mellwig), following with remix commissions for Nine Inch Nails and a Claude Debussy remix for Universal Music.

The name of Köner’s latest album entitled Novaya Zemlya refers to an archipelago off the Russian coast in the Arctic Ocean, at the utmost eastern point of Europe.
Exploring sound and landscape, Thomas adds a heap of geography in his work. A number of solo albums released in his travel sequence between ‘90-’95 are Nunatak Gongamur, Teimo, Permafrost and Aubrite. In 2006 he produces Station Eismitte, a work inspired by Alfred Wegener's 1930 arctic expedition and named after the expedition's site.

Thomas Köner’s new release Novaya Zemlya is available to pre-order here.

Shipping date begins from June 7’th.


1. Novaya Zemlya1 [11:15]
2. Novaya Zemlya2 [12:46]
3. Novaya Zemlya3 [12:20]