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Tomorrowworld - The next step in the history of Tomorrowland

Could it be Tomorrowland’s plan to rule the world of edm or is it just another chapter in the book of events? We’ll find out this fall..


Tomorrowworld will begin on Friday, September 27th and go throughout the whole weekend. The location for the event has not yet been unveiled, but if you’re all time clubbing then you’ll soon find out!

Perhaps you’re wondering now what’s this all about? Well, as the story says “time has come to send the magical concoction into the world, on a remarkable assignment, somewhere, guided by the forces of nature”, this means you should forget about all your troubles and sorrows for just a few days and join the enchanting journey into the wonders of Tomorrowworld, it’s a trip you won't regret!


Words: Alin Popa