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Top  5 EDM April Fools Pranks

Like every year, you have to be very careful what you believe from what you read on April Fools, because there are some professional prankers on the electronic music scene.

Here is our TOP 5 April Fools Day for 2013.

#1. Souncloud’s Dropometer!

Major confusion on Souncloud yesterday, from the “Here’s the drop” sign on all sounds, and the add on top of the page announcing the “Dropometer”. The first reactions were a bit harsh, but eventually everyone figured out that the Swedish based site was up to no good.

#2. Steve Aoki announced: “I just cut off all my hair!”

How’s that for a joke? It’s like John Lennon without glasses.

#3. Daft Mafioso = Daft Punk + Swedish House Mafia

Not a bad joke and the name is extra funny!

#4. Mixmag’s “DJ Justin Bieber”

Now this was an obvious one, however I think that everyone that read that post shrug their shoulders just at the thought of it!

#5. Be the Rave: Skrillex remixed Daft Punk’s “Aerodynamics”

Daft Punk sure was in a lot of jokes this year and so was Avicii’s “Levels”, which was actually what the track was after a short intro.