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Tristan Garner released new EP - Digital Rocker

French dj and producer Tristan Garner has just unshackled another mini-album titled Digital Rocker. The EP was released today, October 15 on Garner’s own label Xtra Life Records.

Growing up under the influence of the french and english electronic scene, Tristan began producing in 2000 as he discovers the power of new electronic music software. 2007 is when he really steps into the light with the release of Give Me Love featuring Akil Wingate and remixed by Arias and Jerome Isma-Ae. The track received international attention and was signed to record labels all around the world. Nowadays Tristan Garner is listed among the most talented dj/producer’s of the new French generation.

Tristan’s new EP is hooked with five tracks. The first is a short Intro followed by Meteor, which sounds more like modern disco, then Rage Again pushes towards electronic house, Sloan brings in a melodic tune covered by Rock/EDM while the last one titled Digital Rocker is pure hardcore drum and bass.

01. Intro
02. Meteor
03. Rage Again
04. Sloan
05. Digital Rocker

Tristan Garner - Digital Rocker EP is now available on beatport. Click here to purchase!