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Vincent Parker unveils his second LP

Vincent Parker's upcoming album Import Culture: Respecanize P2 will be released on November 6th.

The Vancouver artist is easy to recognize, as each performance of his is unique, adaptive, personal, epic and inclusive. Parker creates his own brand of music "a type of blissed out psych power bass rythms that are steeped in the psychedelic omnipresent mist of the Pacific Northwest".

Import Culture: Respecanize P2 is Parker's second full-length, after last year's self-release Respecanize. The album is made out of ten tracks, featuring similar sounds but with a little more emphasis on the percussive elements.

01. Bright Children
02. Walker Back
03. Pender Strut Itch
04. Sloth In The Whip
05. Obsticle Chorus
06. Glisten Fold
07. Clear Nothing
08. Ravenight
09. Amniotic
10. Rattles Out Freestyle