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Who is ... Lee Burridge?

Top artist Lee Burridge is visiting Bucharest this Saturday in a "Kristal says Legendary" event and it is going to be LEGENDARY because we'll be facing a Dj with more then 25 years in the business!

UK based Lee Burridge made a name for himself when he put Hong Kong on the party map during his stay there between 1991 and 1996 introducing the people the underground party scene. An alternative project during his residency in Hong Kong was Thailand, also with great succes. After these parties he was asked to return in the UK along side friends Sasha and Craig Richards to form Tyrant Sound System and by 1999 Burridge was already #33 in DJ Magazine's Top 100.

His path continues with residencies in Fabric London and his Halloween parties in the USA which ensured his success overseas. In 2001 he joins Global Underground’s NuBreed series with a compilation of breakbeat, techno an tech house.

Presently residing in New York, he continued coming up with new party concepts like "GET WEIRD" which also became a label.

"Get Weird will see releases geared more towards the music we play after dark. A place for the more dubby, techy, slinky, sultry rhythms and grooves. Are you going to Get Weird?"

And since there is an "after dark" music label, a more recent project is "All Day I Dream" a "sister label" as the artist describes it "Sexy with a dark twisted melody". Hmm...sounds appealing!

All in all, Lee Burridge is one of Britain's best products in electronic music. Innovative spirit, he is still a pioneer of the international music scene and has stayed loyal to the underground electronic music until today.

He was last here in 2012 at Kristal with an amazing set and a full house party, recently played in sunny Mexico at BPM festival and we're looking forward to seeing him play again on Saturday at Kristal Glam Club! Be there!

Respect Lee Burridge!