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Red Pig Flower - Space Jazz  EP

Acknowledged of Red Pig Flower's obsession for the RED color, the 10th cat by Sound Of Vast could not be a different choice. Red Pig Flower, known not only as a musician but also as an artist, prepared a special concept for each track in the box.

"Space jazz” is the main track of this EP with it’s trippy dubby synth works and samples from an old school jazz record taken by scratching. The Romanian artist Dubphone reworked it to a minimal techno version with a better fit for a dark after party moment.
On the other side, "To My Rimbaud" is the message to the legendary poet Rimbaud who has always dreamed to go to Africa. The minimalistic but powerful touches on percussion and tribal vocals are getting along with the deep melody. The vibe makes us imagine the Africa she wanted to show to Rimbaud.

"Journey Of Dreams” is the collaboration with London's based Pav L aiming to describe the way of life they’d like to spend - romantic and simple.

Overall, this EP is the result of the imaginary world she wished to create by rhythm and music. You can share her vision of dreamer by grabbing your physical copy.


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A1. Space Jazz
A2. Space Jazz (Dubphone Remix) - Vinyl Only
B1. To My Rimbaud
B2. Journey Of Dreams feat. Pav L